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Dec. 4th, 2018 11:40 am
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Hi! If you're migrating over to Dreamwidth, welcome! I'm trying to use this site more because I left Facebook, myself. I had a Tumblr but never used it because it was so hard to have conversations there. I love to chat about fandom and geek out together! Please feel free to add me if we have any common interests!

You can find my interests on my profile, but lately I can tell you I've been REALLY big into One Piece, so there's going to be a lot of that here! Soon I'll be posting my con report from Anime Dallas! I love cosplay and crafting and sewing and art! You can see what I posted already if you don't want to wait, on my instagram because I'm spamming there first, lolol. I'm [instagram.com profile] mudousetsuna!

I also like lolita and J-fashion, though I'm drastically rehauling my wardrobe because my first attempt didn't go in a way I was happy with and I fell out of it for a while. I'm going to try gothic lolita and ouji, I think.

Here's my favorite fandoms as of late:

Tales of Berseria
Tales of Vesperia
Tales of Hearts
Trails in the Sky
Trails of Cold Steel
One Punch Man
Boku no Hero Academia
Black Clover
Hunter x Hunter
Attack on Titan
Persona 5
Persona 4
Persona 3 (Just started playing it!)

I've been using DW/LJ since the early 2000's so if you have questions about how to use it, let me know!
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I GET TO LEAVE WORK EARLY TODAY TO GO SEE IT! AAHHH ;aldfjgh;afjlh I haven't seen this movie yet, and lucked out to find out in time that it's showing locally JUST FOR ONE DAY!!

Seriously, google it if you have a chance, it might be showing near you today. Not sure how long it'll run or if it's just right now. Maybe other cities got luckier, but then Dallas is pretty big...
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This is what it takes to drag me up from the depths of mental exhaustion...

I finally got a response and help from the DW community on how to swap usernames. It wasn't working at first, but I think it's because I had the rename tokens on separate accounts, instead of two on the one account I wanted to rename? Anyway after they put a second token on the account I was swapping with, Nope that wasn't it. I checked my emails and they replaced both tokens. Oh well! IT WORKED! This is the username I have been using more often instead of [personal profile] asmaria. That one doesn't really resonate with me anymore.

Icon is appropriate...

I'm so sorry for the silence. I should update, I've just kept telling myself 'Oh, I'll update once I have time to read my friends circle, and then I can go post guilt free. That... wasn't actually working.

So what is up? Work is fucking busy. Ugh. At the end of every day, any plans I had to do anything just fly away. I talked with my roommate and neither one of us are motivated to work on our costumes for Aseliacon, so we're just going to wear the ones we had last year. That's ok. Sometimes this happens. We've been too interested in One Piece. It's too bad it's a Tales con and not generic. OTL

I haven't watched much farther lately, instead we've been writing. I've been /COOKING/. She let me borrow her Sanji cosplay at Taiyoucon and I think that awoke something in me, because after running around acting like a cook, I've started reading the cooking reddit and bought some cook books, and made a bunch of tasty shit (and a few spectacular failures - Collard Greens do not make good wraps, no matter what anyone or their recipes will tell you. Ugh.)

I did make hotpot for one though, because [personal profile] insidious is lame and won't eat it.

I'm trying to find my motivation to do things. All the things I promised. I'm going to get off my ass tonight and draw. I managed to drag my lazy self out of bed even though it was cold this morning, and worked out at the gym, too. No excuses this time.
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I'm so far behind on these questions from the 365 meme! Here's a few!

4) What's the best museum you've ever been to?

I have not been to a lot of them! But I really do like the Dallas Museum of Art! The last time I went they had a bunch of Egyptian things on display and it was really beautiful.

5) Twelfth Night is also known as Epiphany. Have you ever had an epiphany?

Probably... when I realized how much my anxiety has controlled my life? But it was more like an intervention, and my ephiphany was very slow as I learned to recognize and control my own emotions. It's still always a struggle, but I am far more enlightened about my own mind now.

6) What is your favourite keyboard shortcut?

Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V

7) If you were guaranteed that you would be unkillable, indestructible and uninjurable for the next ten years, but you would die once the decade was up, would you go for it?

No. I want to live far longer than that, and if it's my time to go by some freak accident any time sooner, then it's my time to go. :)

8) When you are watching films do you Google the actors to find out if they are still alive and/or what else they have been in?

No, but I do look up voice actors if I recognize their voice!

9) Have you ever been in a canoe?

I haven't! I would probably tip it...

10) Which children's story, song or TV programme do you think is most fundamentally flawed, plot-wise?

Scooby Do? I don't understand how stupid they are...

11) Do you prefer coffee or aeroplanes? If you had to choose to eradicate one of the two from all human history which would go?

What. Why would you ask me this? I guess we'll sail boats and ride trains everywhere, because I'm not giving up my coffee!

12) What subject were you worst at at school?

Math & Science

13) Is there something you once abhorred that you now adore?

Spicy food. The hotter, the better.

14) What is your most impressive party trick?

Disappearing to go home when I hit overwhelmed-o-clock? I'll be excitable as hell for a few hours at any geeky event, then suddenly I want to go chill away from people.

15) Which supposedly attractive film star do you think is a bit ugly?

Benedict Cumberbatch? I think it depends on his role, though.

I just got back from Arizona last night and I'm exhausted. I hope everyone had a great weekend! I will have pictures up at some point. I just got them all off my phone!


Jan. 10th, 2019 04:22 am
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I definitely did not keep to my 'update each day' vow... OTL BUT, that's cause I was constantly sewing! I'm on the way to the airport now! Everything is done except the buttons on my Alabasta Nami dress, and I'll finish that in the hotel room. We'll be doing some desert photos this afternoon and I've got a new camera I got for Christmas so I am so pumped OMG! *_*
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Took this meme from [personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler but it comes from [personal profile] jo! https://jo.dreamwidth.org/2345024.html

1) Would you rather relive the last 365 days or lose a year of your life?

I would absolutely relive this last year. It was pretty great, even though I have had some really stressful moments. I had good times with family, and I really finally pushed myself with cosplay to a point I am very proud of. Black Mask, made at my roommate's request, was stressful as fuck, but in the end I learned SO much about knit, bodysuits, top stitching, hand sewing, leather wet molding, painting acrylic leather paint, paint stripping, chemical safety, worbla shaping and patterning, and even messing with fairy lights even though electronics really go over my head. And while I gave up 3 months of evenings for it, we got 1st place and I finally feel like I completed something on time. Without the plethora of tutorials online though, I couldn't have done half of this.

photo )

There was also a lot of personal growth I feel like I had with my closest friendships. I cut off some relationships that I was not happy with and it was a painful decision to make, but I made it all on my own and I'm content with myself at how it turned out even if the final resolution never really went anywhere on the other half. If I had clung to the safety of what I wanted out of it, I would have hurt both myself and my best friend, but I didn't. I'm in a great place now, I chose what I valued most, and to me that's the most important.

AND THEN I GOT INTO ONE PIECE - HOW COULD I CUT THAT OUT OF MY LIFE?! I've cried and laughed so much, they are literally my favorite characters ever!

2) What is your most mundane encounter with a celebrity?

This is difficult. It's not like I meet a ton of celebrities but at cons I've run into various voice actors and would you call that mundane? I've ridden in a Lyft with a guy that did some superhero TV actor gigs for DC I think? He was talking about it because comics came up, but I wasn't too interested, lol... So I followed him on insta for a while but then lost interest.

I think maybe just hanging around way back in the day at an A-kon in like 1999 I was standing next to Tiffany Grant and she was chilling with other fans in an Asuka costume that I believe she said was given to her by another fan. It's so long ago I am sure my memory of it is botched, but it was cool to look back on even if I wasn't even into EVA that I ran into her. The memory really stands out.

3) What's the best advice you've ever received and ignored?

Uh. Probably to start costumes early, don't procrastinate, and go to bed on time...

Or maybe to not dwell on things I can't change. Oops.

About that procrastination, last night I passed out and did not sew. Tonight...
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Ironically this shot from the last episode I watched is kind of my mood for vanishing for a near month. December really takes it out of me, and I felt terrible because I've made so many great new friends here! It won't be so bad once I'm not being dragged from one function to the next, and hopefully my job won't be so stressful. Sometimes the only brain power I have left at the end of the day is to write one RP post, then zone out and play cell phone games until bed. What a life. But it has been a fun December. I saw a lot of my family that I don't normally get to see, and got to chat with my cousin about One Piece. He's current on it and was pretty excited I finally started watching it.

I was getting really antsy about not watching any new episodes but my roommate was finally in the mood to. The last episode I watched, btw, was 421, which has spoilers, so the rest is under the cut. )

I did make some progress FINALLY getting started on my cosplay for Aseliacon in March. I'm going as Eleanor Hume from Tales of Berseria. This is just the bottom layer of the petticoat, which is more like... an underskirt? I guess since I'm using crepe satin for it, it won't really have much body because it's a heavier fabric, but I like the drape. I've got a hoop skirt it's going to go over. I have no idea what I am doing and am using a lolita tutorial... RIP. We'll see how it turns out. It took me 3 days to psych myself up for this much.

photo )

I'm far more excited for Taiyou Con in AZ coming up in 2 weeks, so of course I decided very last minute that WE SHOULD DO THE ALABASTA COATS! Good job, self! Let's add on more stress? When I owe things to people already? I am not allowing myself to start them until I get out the things I promised though.

To keep myself on track, I'll check back in every day with some progress. How was everyone's Christmas?
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Quick update - I'm exhausted and never meant to vanish, but I have so much family stuff going on this week, and work is stressful, and I'm not fully caught up on things I promised to draw for people, but haven't forgotten!! ;_; I'm going to try to get through to Saturday and then catch up on all my friends list reading. But until then, I really have no time.

<3 you guys!
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Have you guys seen the rehaul going on over there? I mean it's kinda late for them to finally fix the site up, but I'm impressed that Admin has kept at it once he finally got started.


Do you have a cosplay.com account? I think I'll start using it again, though I've also been using cosplay amino more. Here are my accounts:

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Years and years ago I sold a custom Fuuzen plush to someone and now here we are, 2018, a reboot (that sucks but hey, it got made), AND NEW MERCHANDISE. I've already hurt myself buying the figures, and my nendoroid arrived two days ago, too and .afljkgh;asfjgh

I just...

The One Piece figures release the same month, how do I decide on this? This is not something that comes along every day. But if I wait, I could get the ones I really want, which really is just Taikoubou and Shinkouhyou.

I am really happy that these exist now, though...

...as of finishing this post my roommate just convinced me to at least get Luffy and Zoro. I guess I am not spending anything else that month at Aseliacon, lol. OTL
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So I finally am writing this report. I've been exhausted the past week, and I'm sorry to the new friends I added. This happens to me sometimes and I just hit burnout. I should be back, though.

Two weekends ago we went to Anime Dallas, a first year convention, to check it out! I had low expectations. Admission was just $20, though, so what could it hurt? Spoilers... I had a great time. It had big problems leading up to it, especially as a panelist, but maybe they will learn from it, and I have some personal respect for the staff and volunteers for how they treated the attendees in person at least.

But you're here for the pictures, right?

I took a lot )

Holy crap that was a lot. I haven't done a con report in a while, this is why it takes me some time to get together.
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Taking this from [personal profile] kalloway, there's a nice post here on navigating DW for any new users. Probably stuff I don't even know how to do and should learn!

Actually just check her posts in general, because she's awesome and sharing some really helpful stuff!

My work has been killing me and I have not had time to check all my messages or read my friend's list as much as I'd like in my down time. I will be getting to that as soon as I can! :) I'm glad to have friended all of you though, and those that have friended me and I haven't added back yet! I'm so excited but a bit overwhelmed because it's more interaction than I normally have had on my plate lately!

Last night my roommate and I went to dinner and then watched more One Piece. We got to Boa Hancock and I'll probably make a whole writeup about those episodes in and of themselves because yet another character I didn't think I'd like, and here we go again, I had to eat my words and do a 180 on my feelings about them!

I will be going out of town this weekend to visit friends for Christmas and probably will be awol for a few days save for a comment here and there. But before I go I'll try to catch up on all my conversations tonight!

I'll leave you with the last thing I put on DA because I really should share my stuff more often and try (keyword TRY) to draw more often too. I have fallen out of art despite numerous attempts to draw more and I just lose my motivation. Maybe I'll take my sketchbook with me on the road trip!

by mimiru on DeviantArt
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So disclaimer here, I'm pretty tipsy. I'll edit any errors later.

So since the summer I've been marathonning One Piece and have managed to make it up to the late 300ish episodes this past week. [personal profile] insidious and I have been watching it together. It's gotten better and better, and probably taken over my life. I've even put other cosplay plans on hold because I love the characters in it so much I've got too many new cosplans and not enough time or money to do them. That's a tangent in itself for another time and if I go into it now, I'll never get to my point.

Anyway. Spoilers ahead under the cut, and don't say I didn't warn you. This shit gets REAL and is probably the most intense thing I've seen yet in the show. Me from 3 months ago would hate me from now for spoiling this.

spoilers under the cut!!! )

If you read this entire rant, you're a bro. Thanks. Sorry if you just added me, this is not a normal occurrence, but it's been a long week and the episodes were particularly emotional for me. I am just so appreciative of this series, holy shit.
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I've been dead tired, and sick. Thanksgiving was a lot of fun but we only went to my grandma's house on my mom's side because Dad's side of the family held it too far away for us to make it after having lunch at Mimi's.

When I finally stopped sleeping every day (lost my entire weekend to it, ugh), I began con-crunching in the way I generally always have. Stay up all or nearly all of the night. It's become a lot harder as I've gotten older, but after failing to the last 2 days, I finally pulled a near all-nighter last night. And I'm mostly pleased with my progress.

While I don't watch the dub of One Piece (there is NO WAY I can hear anyone other than the Japanese cast - they are incredible!!), nearly the entire guest list at Anime Dallas is a voice actor from the OP dub, and the guy running it is apparently Crocodile's voice? Well that coincides nicely with one of the Nami outfits I wanted to do, and thaknfully I was able to find the fabric in time!!

Here are the two I was considering, and if time allows tonight, I'll have them both done:

I started with the Pre-Alabasta outfit and the circles on the skirt are so tedious! AUGH! I only got 2 of them done the night before last.

And then last night when I pulled an all-nighter, I did the other two, plus the tank top with the applique.

It still needs lace, which I'll do last because I need to make her brown skirt for the post-Alabasta outfit tonight and I will have to bust my ass to do it. Thank god her other top is just a plain off-white shirt.

I only received my supplies for my log pose the other day, and may have to forego it. We'll see. :( I'm so sad about that. But the shoes I finished today finally too, after procrastinating on finishing painting them on and off for the past few months:

And of course, earlier last night while we watched some episodes (We're currently on 370s or later, I don't even know... the last preview was before they get their boat prepped to go underwater... fuck. Shit's going to hit the fan and I don't know how bad it'll get during this, just how bad it'll be down the line.)

Anyway while we watched those episodes, I repaired my roommate's purchased Law sword.

She pretty much knows all about that character but I've tried to remain as unspoiled as I can. I know some vague stuff, it's unavoidable, but hopefully we can get some fun pics together despite my ignorance to a lot of things. Talking about RP (where he will be part of our plot) has made me ship him with Nami either way. Anyway I really had fun wrapping the sword. I love how katana are crafted. I love swords. *_*

I have to pack everything, find my slingshot (the rest of Usopp is mostly together), hope my replacement nose shows up or else I'll be doing bandaged version of him on Saturday. And after all I've got ready already is packed, finish Nami version 2. Whooboy, I haven't had a con crunch this severe in a few years!

But it'll hopefully be fun, even if the con looks like it isn't all that well organized!
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I stole this meme from [livejournal.com profile] ragnarok_08 
Stupid cut is being a pain )
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Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return (and if inspired), I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.
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Last weekend [personal profile] insidious and I did Halloween stuff, but today we actually both decided to dress up! I wasn't sure my work was going to let me, and she doesn't normally bother with cosplay for work because sitting at a desk all day in binding is not fun! But she did this year! I'm psyched I'm not the only one doing stuff this time because no one at my job bothers with it either.

Kirs dressed up too, and we stopped at my office on the way to work so I could do her hair. It came out WAY better than I thought I could do, so I'm really happy with being able to help!

pictures under the cut! )
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Warning- I ramble a lot in this post.

While I'm marathoning One Piece in chunks of 4 to 6 episodes at a time (or more on a weekend), I picked up a new anime to try since I haven't added anything ELSE for a while.

Admittedly, my main motivation is RP. For anyone who doesn't know, I've got a long-standing story going that my best friend and I have been writing since 2008-ish, when we played in a panfandom LJ RP, and when that migrated to DW we took our characters there, and when we closed the rendition of the game we had taken up because it was frankly dying and too stressful to continue, we privately just kept on writing and adding in new characters as time went on.

It's become a monster. But not one we can't keep track of. We just have so many plot threads that keep expanding and it's really fun to find new ways to include new characters we like in it.

I currently need some kind of villain because my roommate turned to me the other day and said 'I'm putting Crocodile in our game'. Fuck. That's AWESOME but that was the first word out of my mouth. XD And we both play a bunch of the One Piece crew already but rather than re-hash another old villain from the show, I'd rather toss him some crew that he could gather up from another world. (He's already going to ally himself with Pitch Black... so much sand @_@) And most of my villains are currently occupied or slated to be taken out by the time that this happens, so...

I really hope there's someone interesting I can write from Black Clover. It feels like Blue Exorcist meets medieval town with a legendary hero. I'm really liking it, but I wasn't sure until I hit episode 2 or 3 and got used to the main character, Asta. He's angry and loud, and I get why - he's an orphan and he's poor and he has no magic so everyone is telling him he can't amount to anything. Actually everyone around him pissed me off. But then it goes into his backstory (and Yuno, his brother's), and you realize all that energy comes from an extreme as hell optimist being slammed down and told he's worthless, and even Yuno has his reasons for being stand-offish and he is just bad at expressing himself. I like their dynamic a lot, and I AM NOT PUTTING EITHER OF THEM INTO MY GAME, AUGH. Because I already have enough heroes. But Asta isn't what he seems on the surface. He gains a cursed-like sword and an unlucky grimoire by pure willpower alone (hinting he's probably sealing away some dark power which is why he can't use any.)

And the magic knights or whatever guys seem interesting - but I ALSO am not gonna write the sarcastic and crass dude, nope! No matter how hilarious or cool he seems. DX

So I am really gunning for an interesting villain to show up. Even if they're not as strong of a character, all I need is for some motivations to line up and I can throw them into the life of a pirate.

So does anyone else watch this show? Or have any recommendations for good anime with strong villain characters? I am looking for characters with powers rather than technology.

Does anyone else like crossovers? :D


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