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Birthdate:May 27
Hermit, RPer, artist, cosplayer. Actually I love to talk about stuff, just sometimes I get overwhelmed, but I always come back!

Please feel free to add me, say hi, etc.! I don't bite! I am overjoyed that there is more traffic here lately! Please be my friend!

I cosplay! Here's where I post the most, in order.
[ profile] mudousetsuna

I am a multi-shipper and pretty open to a lot of ships (even poly!). Sure I have my preferences, but I'm a live and let live person, so please do me the same courtesy. Not a lot of fiction bothers me anymore so if you're looking at my archives and younger me ranted embarrassingly about something, I apologize for that in advance. I like to think I've come a long way since then. <3

Angst and character growth through hardship is my jam. I love RP and fanart and fic and I wish I had more time for it. Dark stuff or fluffy stuff, both are good!

I dabble in EGL and Ouji fashion and would like to get better at it - rehauling my nonexistent wardrobe so don't expect lots of posts until my stuff arrives... OTL

I have 2 BJD dolls - Fie (An Ai doll by Jun Planning) and Levi (Character Doll-I.O.S by DOLK). I really need advice on putting him together. I've been scared to take him out of the box and put his eyes in!

My soul belongs to [ profile] rubyredrose. I signed it over at some convention many years ago, I think. Though [ profile] runegrey claims otherwise. Saa, who knows!? :>

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